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We hope you are ready to catch up with old friends and have some fun...

Right now the information we have on all our Classmates is almost 50 years old, which is Your Name and Your Senior Class Picture. 

We have created this Website for everyone to update their Current Information and to Keep You Up to Date on what is being planned.  Your Planning Committee right now is Debbie Pennoch Roberts, Sally Parker Hannon and Butch Willett.

We Need Your Help!!!
1)  Help us reach as many Classmates as possible by asking them to email:
2)  Please email us any ideas or comments to:
3)  To join the Planning Committee, please email:
4)  Please update your Contact Record so we can keep You Up to Date:  
5)  “Your Opinion” page gives us ideas of activities you would like to see.

6)  Post photos you would like to share in the Photo Albums.

7)  Look: Tap the photo below to make larger!

"How Could I Ever Miss the Next Event"!
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